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Developing the Outside Space

As you will have heard, we have acquired a much larger area of outdoor space for the children to use in kinder weather! Trouble is, there is so much of it we need help with design ideas and development of the area so that it is ready for when the sun shines. We have some ideas, but always welcome more.

Are you arty and able to help us with drawing up some ideas?
Green-fingered to help us with planting and growing?
Practical and able to help us with digging/building and making things?
Willing to supervise a small group of children so that their parents can help in an outdoor capacity?
Great at making tea (and cakes?) for the workers? 
Have the gift of the gab to help convince businesses to donate funds or materials?

This is a BIG project and we could really use your help in making the most of the space for your children and those in the years to come.

The ever-hopeful Sandmartins Team


Garden Club

New Outside Space

As part of the move to our new site, we have now taken ownership of a significant amount of additional outdoor space! The Club Fundraising Team will be working their magic in the New Year on the plans for this extraordinary new space. 

If you have any ideas as to how this space can be transformed for the children then please get in touch!

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